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A goal of my ministry is liberating saints from hype induced religious guilt. The need often becomes apparent when a circumspect believer has been diagnosed with a dangerous condition in the reproductive & related organs. These are cysts, cancers & tumors of the breast, female & male sexual organs including the prostate. As we know, these types of conditions are not rarities among members of the Christian community. Many are also aware that skewed prayers for healing too often carry innuendo that sexual sin predisposed the sufferer for the malady. This my peeve, I’ve seen too many godly men & women who don’t have histories of sexual misconduct agonizing as to how they deserved an alleged divine punishment. This notion in most instances is a senseless religious weight. None can afford to forget that manmade religiosity can’t function without inserting guilt that keeps congregants dependent on clergy.

Are there situations where promiscuity can incite physical repercussions? Yes, particularly with STDS. And there are times when a chaste wife can develop cervical cancer from gallivanting husband’s lack of hygiene. That’s not the demographic of which I’m speaking. My concern is for the many conscientious believers who are smitten with cruel maladies who abide well within the borders of holiness.

Yehovah’s promise to the Israelites was that as long a they were compliant with his laws as a nation, he would not smite them with any of the diseases with which he plagued the Egyptians. Think about it, the diseases particular to Egypt was not a template for every sickness possible in life. The wrong conclusion of half-baked preachers is that circumspect obedience to a set of laws will empower humans to live disease free. That never was the case. In the same time-frame where the Lord made the EX 15:26 promise, he also gave more complete particulars of the Law of Moses.

Leviticus chapters 13-15 prescribe what to do when a variety of minor and major physical ailments manifest. The signs are lesions, swelling & atypical discharges from bodily organs & openings. Those listed in Lev 15 call for quarantine of those with chronic bodily discharges along with the destruction of contaminated clothing. Discharge from the anus and reproductive organs at times is indicative of the following: Bowel cancer; prostate cancer & infection, testicular cancer leakage; urinary tract infection; yeast infection; and fibroid cysts discharge, uterine and cervical cancerous tumors.

We must pay attention to the logic intrinsic in the fact of these listings in a law ascribed for ongoing generations regardless of behavior. These maladies striking is not a matter of divine retribution for personal sin. The potential for the conditions to happen to anyone is generic of the entire human race. Like aging, tooth loss, hearing impairment, baldness, loss of sexual drive etc; these life altering sicknesses were set in motion by the Fall of Adam. They would still be in the human equation if there was no demonic activity and even if every child was reared in a sin-temptation-free isolation ward. Due to the Fall of Adam unknown numbers of men and women are born predisposed for the conditions of which we speak. In other words, you’re not at guilt for what is occurring in your body.

This is especially so for those who are blood bought by the Lamb of God. Regardless of the pains being the consequences of Adam’s sin, you can be healed. Take courage, you’re not at fault.


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