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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Elephant in Your Divine Healing Room

Your new creation spirit has a far higher IQ than your brain. Whenever you read the Word and hear sermons, your spirit identifies the particular topic at question and weighs it against the entirely of the Scriptures; and against your experience and observations. To deny contrary Bible evidence that matches with your experience and observations about whatever is explored and/or is conveyed in a teaching is a significant mistake.

It is doubtful that there is any Christian doctrine where this happens as often as it does with the topic of divine healing. A case in point would be a book that you’re reading or sermon that you’re hearing that espouses that it’s always God’s will to heal.

It’s likely that no matter how much you want to believe that and repeatedly work at convincing yourself of it; your spirit brings verses to mind that suggest that what is being espoused isn’t invariably true. Furthermore, your personal experiences with healing and observations of others who sought it, but didn’t receive it confirm that your spirit is right. If you are wise, you’ll acknowledge that there is an elephant in your divine healing room. Perhaps, there’s a whole herd.

One of my primary ministerial passions is imparting divine healing. I can give wonderful and truthful accounts of those healed under my hands of most every form of malady. I have a particular anointing to instantly vanquish episodes of physical pain. Once during a healing campaign in France, a medical doctor followed me as I ministered healing to lines of people. Many whom I prayed for were his patients. He confessed that he was astounded by the way that pains that had sources he had diagnosed and treated left when I merely touched his people.

That being said; I’ve failed to bring about healing in many situations of wasting disease and paralytic conditions. I’m not speaking of people with hidden sin or those too lazy to cultivate apprehending faith. I’m speaking of people of circumspect Christian character who zealously believed and spoke faith confessions.

Here is what I had to acknowledge for banishing the elephant from my healing room: It’s the will of God that all men be saved. One of the definitions for the biblical word for salvation, saved etc is heal and healing etc. Yet, not all men who have heard about salvation have been saved. And, not all who have heard about healing and have sought it have been healed.

Interestingly, Timothy was not instructed to ratchet-up his faith confessions for healing of his frequent infirmities. (1 Tim 5:23) Regular dosages of wine were prescribed to lessen discomforts. I imagine that your spirit as well as mine has registered that as a healing room elephant. It’s no good to try to ignore it.

A vital component in healing that is not often enough emphasized is God’s mercy. He reserves the right to show mercy to whom he will at his own discretion. (Rom 9:15-23) Mercy would not qualify as mercy if everyone always got it.

The Apostle Paul mentioned how God had showed mercy on Epaphroditus and on Paul as well by healing him of a sickness unto death. Grace is God’s mercy made manifest. (Philip 2:25-27) Paul had a thorn in the flesh from which he sought deliverance healing on 3 separate occasions. He was told that God’s grace, his mercy would be sufficient in the midst of what was labeled an infirmity.

The words infirmities and weaknesses in 2 Cor 12:5-10 are all taken from the root word for sickness. It’s the same word used about healing from sickness in other NT references.

Paul's thorn was permitted to buffet him as a humbling about his abundant revelations. Few contemporary Christians meet that qualification. But, it’s within possibility that in God’s economy there are other considerations that could cause ongoing buffeting in some situations. My guesstimate, based on considerable experience, is that concept has also occurred as an elephant in your healing room about a stubborn health issue of your own or someone whom you cherish.

Acknowledging the elephants need not be a deterrent to seeking healing for all with confidence. It has never quenched my ministry to others or to self. Acknowledgement will keep the elephants from stomping down your faith. Having the questions settled will increase your confidence by minimizing the elephants. That is what I’m seeking for you in mentioning these truths.


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